Poem by Paul Auster. Sumi ink drawing on hand-dyed kozo paper by Sarah Horowitz. 2012
10.5 x 17 inches, cased in a clam shell box, edition of 20. SOLD OUT

Effigies is a hand-drawn limited edition artist book featuring Paul Auster's namesake poem from 1976. My design for the book centers around a long sumi ink drawing of a bramble fence that extends over several indigo-dyed pages. For each of the 20 books in the edition, I re-drew the image by hand, resulting in 20 unique pieces. Meaning `a likeness ́ or `resemblance of ́, effigies straddle the threshold of existence, that which is illusory or real, forgotten or remembered. The ink-drawn weeds and brambles that cross the landscape pages are part of the edges of fields, the forgotten spaces between tilled lands that grow tangled with rusting fencing. I could not be more pleased that Mr. Auster has signed the colophon!

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland Oregon.

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